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Our store features Pantone matching system products, including Pantone to cmyk, Pantone rgb, Pantone formula guides, Pantone chip books,..

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Mail Servers Use our mail servers to setup a complete Email Server for your company. Users can access accounts with external clients (Outlook, Eudora, etc.), or using the WebMail interface of email. The Administrator can maintain user accounts and system settings via the WebAdmin interface.
Features of Server Mode e mail
  • Full Email Server functionality.
  • Message storage in Maildir format.
  • SMTP server included (Exim).
  • Complete POP3 and IMAP server included
  • WebAdmin interface for creating / modifying / deleting user accounts.
  • Anti-Virus support for inbound/outbound mail
  • Email Filtering - Stop Spam messages from reaching user accounts.
  • WebMail plug-in for accessing local or external POP3/IMAP accounts.
  • Easy to maintain and highly reliable.
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Complete source-code included.
  • The HTML interface of email system is brandable. Customize the layout of email to include your organization's brandnames and logos.
  • Sub-WebAdmin support - Delegate control of specified domains or user-groups to the appropriate administrator, allowing regulated control of accounts and system settings for the selected accounts/domains.
  • Available for all Unix and Windows platforms.
  • How email server works Users can optionally sign-up online and have full access to their email account via both the WebMail interface and using desktop POP3/IMAP clients. Using the WebAdmin interface, email system can be configured to run as a complete mail-server system for an ISP, company or as an office mail-server. The software can optionally be setup as a Freemail/Hotmail type service to offer WebMail services online.

    User settings, Address Book, Scheduler tasks, profiles and user authentication information are stored in a MySQL database. Messages received by email system are stored on the local filesystem in Maildir format. POP3, IMAP, and WebMail retrieve the messages from the Maildir database.

    Messages are received by the SMTP server, scanned for Spam and Virus signatures, then delivered to the user's mailbox directory. From the storage directory, messages are accessible to users via the WebMail interface, or by using a standalone POP3/IMAP client.

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